USSA Software

Since 1998, I have been developing and providing scoring software for USSA alpine skiing masters competitions. What started as a project to automate the manual computation of competitor standings in the Far West Masters division has grown into a set of software tools for computing and publishing race and event scoring standings that is now used for division, regional, and national alpine masters skiing competitions.

In my capacity as Director of Race Services and Scoring for the Far West Masters division, I provide scoring software, work with event organizers to provide assistance and improvements for race administration activities, and manage the Race Services and Results sections of the Far West Masters web site.

USSA Masters ACE Scoring Software

The ACE (Alpine Competition Event) Scoring version 6.3 software is available for the 2008-2009 season. Downloads and installation instructions are provided for the software, along with a complete online copy of the user documentation.

Technology Notes

The ACE Scoring (ACES) program is a desktop application written in the JavaTM programming language. The Java Standard Edition (J2SETM platform is an application environment which is is supported on a number of operating systems (Windows, Unix, Mac). See Sun's J2SE web site for further information.

In addition to the cross-system portability provided by the Java 2 runtime platform, ACES makes use of the latest internet technologies such as XML, XSLT, and XSL-FO to provide flexible and powerful solutions for USSA alpine masters competition scoring. Open-source software components from the Apache software foundation ( and ( are used to leverage existing technology solutions whereever possible.

Alpine Skiing Timing and Scoring

To learn more about USSA Masters ski race timing and scoring, visit the ACES home page for online documentation on the ACE Scoring software and the supported scoring formulas or the Far West Masters race services section. Some older documentation written while proposing the 2001-2002 ACES enhancements to support USSA regional and national event scoring:

Historical Notes

A number of enhancements were made in release 3.0 of the USSA scoring software for the 2001-2002 season to support combined event scoring formulas used at regional and national masters competitions, along with improved interchange and competitor list management capabilities. An overview of the new features was described in a September 2001 proposal:

Automating USSA Masters Combined Event Scoring