I am an experienced software designer who can bridge the gap between product concept and delivery. I apply a broad knowledge of software technology combined with skill in design and development to the challenge of moving from a system concept to delivering software.

My services are of value to:


I'm an expert software designer who writes very clean foundation code and can work from the front end phase of expressing a system concept as requirements and design through development implementation and into testing, documenting, delivering, and supporting the software.

My focus is on working in small, agile development teams of up to 10 people. As a senior designer, my roles in the team involve both architecture and implementation.

Because I work with both the "big picture" of concepts and architecture and with the detailed software implementation, I help bridge the gaps between various contributors involved in a development project. As a technical leader within the team, I add value by identifying and addressing missing pieces that need to be handled to achieve a successful outcome.

I have a broad knowledge of major software technology trends and standards. By understanding key standards, I can help to assess and apply relevant standards within a development project.


I have proven experience in contributing to product delivery in a variety of ways:

I believe that designers and architects must "get their hands dirty" with real code in order to be effective. Good design is founded on a deep understanding of the platform and tools with which a concept is realized, along with a clear concept of the system's objectives. I have developed products from initial concept through multiple product releases, so I have a strong understanding of what it means to build software which can be maintained, supported, and evolved.