Glaivestone Foundation Library - GFL 1.1

GFL 1.1 (December 25, 2002)

The Glaivestone Foundation Library (GFL) version 1.1 library is primarily a "cleanup" release of the GFL 1.0 release. The primary goal of the release was to tighten up the code base and javadoc for public release of the library under an open source license with source code and API documentation. The secondary goal of the release was to convert GFL development to use open source development tools (notably the Eclipse IDE and the Apache Ant make tools).

System Requirements

GFL 1.1 was built using the J2SE 1.3 compiler and class library. (We were constrained to stay at this level of the Java platform to support the JNav application, a plugin for the JBuilder Java IDE, which requires 1.3.)


Java: J2SE 1.3 or later
Third-party libraries: (none)

Tools used by the GFL developers


The Glaivestone Foundation Library (GFL) is released under the terms of the Common Public License (CPL) 1.0. The CPL is an open source license developed by IBM for use by open source originators and approved by the Open Source Initiative.

For further information on open source software and licensing, please refer to the web site.

Additional information about the CPL is available on the IBM developerWorks site, in a section devoted to information about open source projects. According to the CPL FAQ, the CPL was designed to " and encourage the collaborative Open Source development of the code base, while maximizing the code's ability to be used and integrated with software licensed under other licenses, including many commercial licenses." The CPL was written so that "...any Open Source originator could use the terms ... [and so] is suitable to be used by all".


To install the Glaivestone Foundation Library, simply unzip the file and add the gfl.jar file in the lib subdirectory to your Java CLASSPATH


GFL 1.1 API documentation

Known Problems