Glaivestone Guild - Ant Tasks

The gant.jar JAR file contains custom Ant tasks that we find useful to automate common steps in our build process. Source code and documentation are provided.

<annotateimage> - annotate an image with one or more lines of text annotations

System Requirements

Release 1.0 of the Glaivestone Ant tasks is based on J2SE 1.3 and Ant 1.4 or later.


Unzip the distribution file and store a copy of the gant.jar file in your %ANT_HOME%/lib directory.

For each custom task that you use in your buildfile, you will need to add a <taskdef> declaration, according to the task documentation.

IDE Integration


To run an Ant buildfile containg Glaivestone custom tasks using the Run Ant... operation in the Eclipse IDE, check the classpath of your Ant configuration in the external tools Preferences. Add gant.jar to the Ant classpath if you encounter problems resolving a custom task declaration running the build from within Eclipse.

Last modified: 22-Oct-2002.